Friday, 8 November 2013

Still Alive + Features Overload!

For those who are still following (and wondering why on earth I haven't updated!) it looks like I decided to go further with the project than originally planned. And thus, more cool features (and lots of testing required to keep them balanced) have been made. Also, time restraints have meant I haven't been able to finish earlier as well (this was also unexpected, but I'm not going to dwell on it). However, progression is looking good, and I'll release an early patch for testing soon!

I might as well mention some of the on-the-go additonal features:

Difficulty modes. I've been working on multiple iterations and by release there will be three modes (each a separate patch). Casual, normal and veteran modes. Save files at any time will work on them and you can switch freely. The reason why it is important for me to work on them before release is because of item/spell balance. Perhaps individual tweaks aside, I need to accommodate for all three on the standard mode.

Rare loot for almost every enemy in the game. This also ties into the difficulty modes (more on that later) but the amount of sheer items I've added into the game because of this is well... quite substantial. More item types as well (see my equipment post from earlier) were also added too.

Changes to mechanics. For example, there's now a physical element type where some enemies are resistant against weapons. This took a lot of testing, as it needed to be balanced against physical defense. There are tons of benefits to this addition, especially late-game (where defenses needed to be over-tuned, making combo attacks very weak).

And more (my hopeless decision making -- or testing feedback on moves/spells etc...). I apologize for the silence, as I know some people have been waiting for a while.

So don't worry, I haven't stopped the project or anything! I've only remained quiet because the extent I wanted to take the project was still in flux. However I've now locked down pretty much everything so it shouldn't be too long.


  1. Fantastic news, keep up the good work!

  2. Jesus, I do a token "let's see if he's updated" check every other week or so and the news that "rare items" made me make an audible noise of excitement!

    But please please please please don't make it so that harder difficulties = grinding the same mob ALOT just for the drop. I get that this does in fact make it harder in a way, as people won't bother and so will only rarely get a drop and thus a small boost, but the perfectionist in me will mean I'm stuck on Marna Road for endless hours and possibly trivialize an entire disc.

    That said; amazing. You have truly taken one of my all time favourite games and brought it to dizzy new heights.


    1. Re: rare drops -- quite the opposite actually! Veteran mode actually increases rare drops as opposed to reducing them. It's the interesting/fun payoff that comes with it. Casual mode has near to zero rare drops (although common/healing drops drop more).

      Rare drops tend to be fun items, rather than providing massive spikes of power. However, chances are in a normal playthough, you won't get most of them -- which may make different playthroughs provide unique options.

      As a random example, the Baby Bat drops the Monocle, an accessory increasing basic attack range and a small boost to movement. It's not necessarily better than other accessories at the time, just increases options. : )

  3. Ah okay. I figured that rare drops would basically be best in slot items for how early you can get them but had a very low drop rate so were like a rare treat rather than something to actively farm for.

    That does sound nice, as creative players could possibly find item/ability combos you hadn't thought of to creative alternative playstyles, which would be immense!

    One thing I would be careful of though is the "fun" to "useful" ratio in veteran, because obviously if the rare items are quirky, but ultimately always a downgrade or questionable sidegrade then they may see little to no use, as I remember some of your fights being fantastically brutal so I personally wouldn't trade power for quirkiness, as the majority of my fun comes from the challenge and overcoming it.

    That said a) this is all what play testing is for (hint hint!) b) you've already proven you're way above the task of providing fun, balanced patches that achieve the goal you had in mind so I have faith.

    As always, keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to being able to play this!

  4. Im over the moon to see updates! Take your time in perfecting the updates.