Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Grandia ReDux Complete Demo Release

Merry Christmas! While ReDux Complete is still being finished in some areas, I have decided to release an earlier demo as I’m sure many people would like something to play for the time being! Not only that, but this is a good opportunity to gather feedback outside of previous testers. Feel free to fill in the feedback Q&A and post it either here in the comments or by email ( Preferably the latter, but it doesn't matter too much.

Here is the rundown for the demo:
- This demo goes up to the Serpent boss fight in the Typhoon Tower. The Lama Mountains will be unavailable afterwards (it’ll still be on the map, but the game will not allow you to proceed).
The demo is set to normal difficulty.
Otherwise the demo is (mostly) complete. Some rare drops are inaccessible (either because they are locked to hard mode, or certain item types aren't enabled yet – offhand poisons being one of them, which is exclusively rare). Some descriptions on items/equipment may or may not be complete either or be inconsistent.
For those who have been testing previously, spell/item balance will be a couple patches behind (Because yes, Tremor/Quake are still broken and I’m a bad person).
Remember to patch an original version of the game (Disc 1) as always. Keep an original backup etc etc…
Save files made for this demo will be perfectly usable for the full game. Some character equipment/stats may be slightly tweaked for the full game but not enough to require a restart.

Camping Tent currently does not work (buy Resurrection Salves instead).
If a character’s MOVE is exactly 30 during the Squid King or Ganymede boss fights, then that character will freeze/bug out during ‘Suck In’ (This bug is also present in the original game, so fixing this will be tricky).

Q&A for the demo:


1)   What’s your favorite improvement/change to ReDux Complete?
2)   What do you think still needs improving?
3)   Any new aspect you dislike or should be reverted?
4)   Overall thoughts on the demo?


1)   Thoughts on the new SP system?
2)   Do you feel invoke is useful and does it better balance MP constraints?
3)   Any overpowered spells or skills you feel exist?
4)   Any underpowered spells or skills you feel exist?
5)   What’s your opinion on the new spells or specific ones?
6)   Could spell availability be tweaked for certain characters (Should X character have X spell for instance?)


1)   General thoughts on the item/equipment revamp?
2)   Any over/underpowered items/equipment that could use tweaking?
3)   Any equipment niches/types you feel could be added (or needs removing perhaps)?
4)   Any item slot you feel could use a bit more variety still (for certain characters specifically)?
5)   Your thoughts on the movement stat changes?


1)   Overall thoughts on difficulty and enemy balance?
2)   Any specific enemies you feel could use tweaks?
3)   Which bosses you feel could use improvements (in terms of balance/strategy factor)?

Feel free to answer those questions (no matter how brief!). Your opinions matter!