Monday, 12 August 2013

Update + Videos

Haven't posted in a while so I'd thought I'd give a brief update.

It seems like Complete will take a bit longer than I'd like. But I should have a release due early next month.

So here's a video showing the Rock Bird!

Boss fights should be fairly different in Complete. In the original ReDux, boss fights are/were generally very bursty and could take you down fast unless you made use of stunlock or enough outright damage to take them down quickly.

In Complete, bosses are much more of an endurance test. They may not be able to burst you down as fast, but neither can you to them. This means that longevity of your resources matters a great deal more. Moves have more strategic use due to the new SP system, rather than being fire and forget. Hopefully this improves the flow of boss battles overall -- making them a longer-term struggle rather than shorter make-or-break situations.

Video #2: Rangle Mountains