Sunday, 21 April 2013

ReDux Complete Progress Update

Yes, I’m alive! And Grandia ReDux is alive too! It’s been a long time since I announced ReDux Complete and a lot has happened since then.

Things have been progressing however and I think it’s important to give an update. So what’s the best way to go about this? Discussing the changes of course!

ReDux Complete will hopefully make the game feel ‘complete’ all right. More and more fun changes have been added and thought about recently and things are shaping up to be interesting. Since I have the opportunity to test so many things I have been trying out many new ideas and have finally thought about what’s best for the game. Grandia ReDux up until now has been a good semi-modifier of the game (mostly the same items, same classifications, same rules etc…) but why stop there? It might as well have been a teaser for the massive update that is to come!

Therefore, I’ll make a rundown of some of the most interesting changes. Things are still very much subject to change but I’ve come this far enough to get a gist of the direction I’m heading in. In this case, in the coming weeks; every Sunday I shall post an update relating to an area of the game that has changed. It keeps interest and helps me be productive! 

They’ll be another post later today.


  1. Hey Dunal! I have really enjoyed 3.0, but I am REALLY excited for the complete version! New spells and all the buts and bolts, really cool. I have a few questions though, how long until it is complete (Roughly lol)? I just started 3.0 yesterday when I figured out a newer version might start!

    Thank you again for the posts and Redux!