Friday, 8 July 2011

3.0 for Disc 2 s now released!


  1. I just completed the earlier version. I wrote some feedback about it. Spoilers, so behind link:

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I'll take some things into account for 3.0.

    I'd like to mention some things, however. The Hertz Spike provides +skill power, which more than makes up for the attack loss (which does statistically make it the best equip in the game). I agree that the Spirit Sword needs a new effect (healing effect perhaps).

    The Gil Sword only increases the chance of drops below 10%. It mostly negates drops 10% or higher.

    About the storage problem... Unfortunetly I can't fix that. But I do wish I knew how!

  3. Hello Dunal, from Spain
    You are a fan of Grandia I am sure that also you it will be of games equally good as Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Crosss, Xenogears or Front Mission 3.
    Have not you thought to do the same thing that you have done with Grandia (to increase the difficulty, etc) with someone of them?

  4. I just found this today and I haven't even tried it yet, but...THANKS :D

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