Sunday, 16 June 2013

Abilities page is now complete!

A list of statistics for all the moves/spells in the game is now shown on the 'abilities' page.

More to come, notably items and a similar re-structuring of the enemy page. 


  1. Please tell me that some form of testing is needed or a Disk 1 release is forthcoming! I'm an impatient man and I had a pang to replay Grandia so I searched for your hack (having gotten to Milda's final arc on it before)

    Fate would have it that I had this pang the very day after you announced Complete, so I've had to suffer, like reminding a child it's christmas "soon" in September and so the countdown begins.

    So I've put off playing version 3.0 because I know this hack is coming, but with every update I just want it to come quicker!

    In all seriousness, this seems amazing and I look forward to playing it.

  2. Will Redux work on NTSC and PAL or just one of them?

  3. I'm so glad this project is still alive! I can't wait to play it

  4. I'm really pumped up to play your Hack, it sounds really impressive. ^,^
    How did you hacked into the ISO of the original Game? Is there a way to have a look at the source code or is it all done by manipulating the compiled hex-values?
    I'm asking because I'm planning to program a Prequel of the original Grandia, and having a look at the programming of the original could be useful in more than one way, I guess... ^,^

  5. We need news about the project! :)

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